Find A Home That Fits You Best.

Looking for an apartment that matches your lifestyle?  345 Flats offers a wide variety of studio options as well as one, two, and four-bedroom floor plans.  All apartment units come with a private room so you can find a home that fits you best. Even more, we’ve carefully selected quality finishes and convenient features so that you will truly feel at home in your student apartment. 

Studio Corner

Studio | 506 Sq. Ft.

If you’re looking for a unit all to yourself, this is the perfect space for you.

Studio Standard

Studio | 450 Sq. Ft.

With 450 square feet of stylish, well-designed space, this studio is all about YOU. Enjoy the freedom to personalize your living environment just the way you like it. It’s the perfect place to call your own in the heart of our welcoming community.

1 Bedroom Corner

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom | 605 Sq. Ft.

Discover a world of privacy and convenience in our 1 bed 1 bath corner apartment. It’s your personal sanctuary within our vibrant community.

1 Bedroom Standard

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom | 506 Sq. Ft.

This spacious retreat offers a haven for those seeking solitude without compromise. With a separate bedroom, you’ll enjoy peaceful nights of uninterrupted rest. The well-appointed bathroom and open living area ensure you have all the space you need for both relaxation and productivity.

2 Bedroom Standard

2 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom | 805 Sq. Ft.

Experience the best of both worlds with our 2 bed 2 bath apartment, where you can enjoy the perks of solo living while still having room for a roommate! With a generous 2-bedroom layout and 2 well-appointed bathrooms.

4 Bedroom Standard

4 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom | 1282 Sq. Ft.

In our spacious 4 bed 2 bath apartment you’ll find the perfect balance of space and togetherness. With four bedrooms, everyone in your group can enjoy a private sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Whether you’re catching up on sleep or studying in solitude, there’s room for all your individual needs.

4 Bedroom Corner

4 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom | 1260 Sq. Ft.

In our 4 bed 2 bath apartment, you’re not just renting a place to live; you’re investing in a community of like-minded individuals who value companionship, convenience, and the comfort of a well-designed living space.